If there’s two things you need in your wardrobe it’s most definitely a flowy white blouse and a grey cardigan. They are classic neutrals that will go a long way in your wardrobe. When in doubt you can always throw on a white top like this and go on with your day. If it’s a little chilly just add the cardi for a sophisticated, yet casual look. I am a huge fan of this classic look and it’s so easy for anyone to pull together.

When picking a white blouse, be extremely picky and find a great quality one that will last for multiple seasons on end. In some cases I might recommend spending a little more for something like this. However, my top is only $28 and comes in 13 colors. I actually own 3 at this point.. yes, it’s that good!

Texas weather is so unpredictable so I’m often trying to find new chic ways to layer. In this post I show you how to style a blouse with a cardigan AND suede jacket without it looking too bulky. Simply tie your cardigan into a knot in the front for a unique layered look!

A simple grey cardigan can go a long way. I almost always throw one on as a small addition to my outfit. The one I’m wearing is very light weight and very ideal for layering.

One way to layer in the fall and winter is to tie a cardigan in a knot in front. Overall it makes the tunic and cardi look like one top instead of two. I like styling it this way because I personally am not a fan of a longer cardigan under a moto jacket.

One of my best purchases this fall was this gorgeous suede moto jacket. I have been able to style it in so many ways so it’s definitely worth spending more for a great quality jacket that will last. This one comes in several colors and would be a great piece to add to your wardrobe with any giftcards you stocked up on during the holidays.

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