Democracy Denim Week

November 14, 2018

Democracy Denim Week

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Jeggings (wearing size 2) | Top (small) | Sweater Vest (small)

A great pair of jeans can be a huge confidence booster and when you find the right pair it’s a real game changer! In honor of Denim week at Dillards, I’m sharing the most flattering pair of Ab-solution Democracy jeans and why I’m so obsessed with them.

No Gap Waistband

One of the reasons these Ab-solution jeans are such a flattering fit is because there is no gap in the elastic waistband which keeps the denim in place. I have such a crazy busy lifestyle that this feature is a huge plus for me. I feel like these jeans don’t stretch out or shift throughout long hours of wearing them.

Slimming Mesh Panels

We all want jeans that have that slimming factor don’t we? The Democracy Ab-solution jeans do just that. I think this is due in part to the power mesh panel on the front part of the jeans. The panels are fitted with ultra-stretch to ensure the jeans expand where they need to and hug the right parts. Honestly these black jeans are my new go to because they make me look thinner and hug in all the right places. I always wear black jeans on repeat in the fall and these have been on repeat lately because of the flattering fit!

Booty Lift

When I first tried on the Ab-solution jeans, I loved the way they made my booty look! This is so key for women, we want jeans that make us look our best from the front AND back. The pockets on the jeans are strategically placed to flatter all body types and the sweetheart stitching gives an immediate booty lift. I’m here for jeans that give me an instant booty lift, means I’ll have to spend less time at the gym!

My Ab-solution jeans are now one of my favorite pair. Check out the other styles of Ab-Solution jeans, there’s many colors to choose from! I know you’ll love them just as much as I do! Stop by your local Dillards from now until November 18th to celebrate Democracy Denim Week! You’ll get a Democracy water bottle with any purchase of Democracy Denim.

This post is sponsored by Democracy Denim. All selections and opinions are my own.



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