Second Day Hairstyle with Dove

I honestly don’t know one girl who actually enjoys washing their hair. I personally put it off as long as possible, which means I always go a few days in between washes. I depend on two Dove products to keep my hair looking great for days on end. I use Dove invisible dry shampoo and rehydrating mist to help give me a flawless second day hairstyle. This two step process is so easy and does the job. The invisible dry shampoo is perfect for refreshing my hair. I spray it along on my roots and just use my hand to really work it into my hair. This dry shampoo is truly magical and leaves my hair feeling fresh, clean and full of body on days between washes. I’m such a huge dry shampoo fan, I admit sometimes I even sleep in it so when I wake up my hair has tons of body and volume. Trust me on this one ladies – try it and see for yourself!

The second step to achieving this second day hairstyle is to use the Dove Re-Hydrating Mist. It’s perfect for redefining and rehydrating my hair. I spray this all over my hair and the weightless formula instantly rehydrates and nourishes it. Once those two steps are complete my hair feels amazing and like I just washed it. I repeat this step everyday until I wash it again, which is usually around 3 days max. I picked up both Dove products at my local Walmart store…you know they’re great products when there is only one of each left on the shelf! 

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hair feeling great after washing I highly recommend trying these two dove products. There’s no need to wash your hair everyday with this dry shampoo and rehydrating mist duo around!

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