Finding the perfect fit with Soma Intimates

I recently visited Soma Intimates to get a custom bra fitting and was shocked to hear that I’d been wearing the wrong size for YEARS. I mean, how is that even possible? I was excited to see that Soma has a new technology where they can determine your exact bra size with the Soma INNOFIT tool. This tool is actually a bra itself that you put on over your normal best fitting bra. Then you download the SOMAINNOFIT app which will “activate” the bra and give you your precise measurements/correct bra size. How amazing is that? I think Soma is ahead of the game with this technology! I put on the INNOFIT bra over mine and in minutes knew my exact size. This fitting was unlike any I’ve had before and I honestly enjoyed it! Usually when I think of going bra shopping it’s such a chore and fittings can be awkward.

The fitting at Soma made my shopping experience such a breeze and guided me in the right direction when it came to my personal bra size. This tool is available in Soma stores, so if you’re in need of a bra fitting I highly suggest trying out this service. I have always liked Soma bras, they are super comfortable and the colors are feminine and fit my style. I picked up a few new bras that day and highly recommend the MEMORABLE PUSH UP BRA – it’s my absolute favorite and I have it in a ton of colors! Scroll down to see more from my shopping experience at Soma!

SOMAINNOFIT tool that helps determine your exact bra size!

This post is in partnership with Soma Intimates, a brand I love. All selections and opinions are my own. Thank you Soma Intimates for sponsoring this post.



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