Every girl needs a black moto jacket in their wardrobe. Not only is a jacket like this edgy but it kinda makes you feel like a badass. I don’t know maybe it’s me (it prolly is just me) but when I think of leather jackets I’m reminded of Fonzie from Happy Days.  I was obsessed with that show as a kid and remember how cool he was always wearing his leather jacket and white t-shirt. So in other words, I feel as cool as Fonzie in my leather jacket. Did I just date myself? I think so.

Seeing as how it doesn’t get THAT cold in Dallas, often times I’ll just sport a sweater, moto jacket, beanie and be on my way. Honestly you can style a moto jacket in so many ways – including adding a feminine top like the one I’m wearing. The jacket alone is edgy, but the top adds a feminine touch. 

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