Festival season is upon us and even though I sadly missed Coachella I have plenty more on my radar in the coming months! My hair usually suffers during and after attending a festival but thankfully this year I can bring along my Pantene Festival Hair Kit to protect it and keep it looking healthy. The limited-edition Pantene Festival Hair Kit is basically a portable haircare pack, created to help women achieve radiant hair before, during and after festivals, and on long summer days. I personally love this kit because it’s packed full of five essential styling products that are ideal to rescue, reset and nourish my hair wherever I am.

Products I use during the festival

Dry Shampoo – I’m a Dry Shampoo junkie so it’s no surprise that this is my most used product in the kit. I have zero interest in washing my hair while I’m trying to party it up at a festival so I use this (daily) to keep my hair feeling fresh and clean in between washes. Naturally my hair gets super oily pretty fast after washing. I like how this Dry Shampoo absorbs ALL the oil and instantly refreshes my hair. I just spray it at the roots, or wherever refreshment is needed most, for a fresh second or third day ‘do!

On-the-Go Frizz Iron – I have fly-aways like no other and this On-The-Go Frizz Iron is my bff during festival season. It helps tame and keep those pesky hairs down without any heat or water. In addition to controlling fly-aways and frizz, this tool can also be used to straighten, smooth and moisturize hair! It’s like a traditional flat iron, but without the heat – you just clamp the Frizz Iron around your hair and glide from top to bottom.

Airspray – The Airspray (alcohol-free hairspray) is a serious God send! I love how it locks out humidity while adding shine for hours on end. I also really like the fact that the spray is alcohol-free, which is a huge plus in my opinion. This is a “brushable” spray and should be applied evenly on dry, styled hair. It creates a light-weight, finished look!

Products I use post-festival

Instense Rescue Shots – My hair needs some major TLC after festivals so I depend on the Intense Rescue Shots to repair the damage caused by my braids, hair dye, and so on. It only takes one use for these shots to make my hair feel noticeably healthier. It’s so important to treat your hair after being out in the heat and humidity. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply the shot onto damp hair and massage from root to tip, targeting the areas that see the most damage. Leave in for 30 seconds, rinse for 30 seconds.

Nourishing Mask sachets – After a few days in the sun at festival my hair craves hydration. The Pantene Festival Hair Kit comes with two masks that diminish the dryness in one simple application. While in the shower, after shampooing, place a half dollar amount into your hands and comb the mask through your hair from mid-shaft to ends. Leave on for 5-7 minutes, or longer if desired. The best part about these are that they rinse quickly to avoid weighed-down hair while repairing extreme damage.

A Few Product Benefits

In addition to all the amazing features above, the product benefits are pretty incredible too. One major thing to point out is Pantene products are made with a blend of Pro-V nutrients for healthier hair inside and out. Festival season is all about having fun and nobody has time to wash their hair when they’re trying to party, am I right? I’m so glad I got my hands on this Festival Hair Kit because these 5 products combine together to allow me to re-style my hair without having to re-wash, aka more time to have some festival fun!

Although this kit is designed for festival hair care use, that won’t stop me from using it on hot summer days that are ahead! I can always use a little help in the hair department, especially given the fact Texas summer temps reach (and sometimes surpass) 100 degrees! I think this Festival Hair Kit is not only great for fun festival trips, but also for extended hours in the heat. The five products in the Pantene Festival Hair Kit are going to be a life saver this spring/summer and will keep my hair looking its best. I definitely recommend trying the kit out for yourself and experience all the amazing features and benefits it offers!

This content is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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