If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I go to Enlighten Medspa in Dallas for all my beauty treatments. A few months ago I got my first photofacial on my chest. I ended up having two treatments total and I’m very happy with the results.

I’ve been wanting to get this treatment done for a long time because I do have a lot of sun damage, freckles and skin discoloration on my chest. The team at Enlighten always steer me in the right direction on what treatments would be best for my particular concerns. I got mine done over the summer but honestly the fall/winter months are more ideal because you can’t have any sort of tan when you do it.

Enlighten is great about providing numbing cream beforehand so the treatment is less painful. I applied the cream on my chest about 30 minutes before the treatment and I definitely recommend it.

I’ve included before/after pictures below and highly recommend this service if you are looking to make improvements on any of the below!

Photo facials treat/remove:

  • Improves age and sun related skin damage
  • Removed red/dark spots and skin discoloration
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines
  • Removes small blood vessels
  • Improves the flushing of rosacea

Immediately after the treatment spots will look like coffee grinds for a few days, then will slough off leaving beautiful new skin. Afterwards you have to stay out of the sun for as long as possible, at least a week for best results. If you are in the sun apply sunscreen generously or try to cover up as much as possible. I also applied a skin lightening cream that I got at Enlighten for about 2 weeks post treatment to help even out my skin tone/fade the dark spots.

Before/After results from first treamtment

Final results after two treatments! As you can see a lot of the brown spots/patches are completely gone. Most of my freckles were completely removed and my skin looks much more clear and even. I’m so happy with my results and highly recommend EnlightenMD for photofacials!

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